Photo Gallery

2022.06.20 GonglabDFT@202, celebrating Chenggong and Shiyu’s graduation. From left: Lulu, Shican, Xin, Tingting, Shiyu, Xiaoyun, me, Xiangcheng, Chenggong, Xiao and Kailang.

2021.10.13 14th national conference of quantum chemistry@Shanghai, From left: Shiyu, Xiangcheng, Shican, Chenggong, Xiaoyun, Lulu, Xin and me.

2019.06.20 GonglabDFT@2019, celebrating Piaoping and Chuanye’s graduation. From left: Shican, Dongfang, Lulu, Xiaoyun, Xin, Piaoping, me, Chuanye, Sihang, Shijia, Ran.

2018.11.22 TUM 150 years celebration@Beijing, with Prof. Hinrichsen and Dr. Markovits from TUM

2018.11.15 Badisch Brauhaus@Karlsruhe, with Felix and Shenjun

2018.09.22 Trip@Taishan with Doktorvater Prof. Rösch

2018.06.20 GonglabDFT@2018, celebrating Shenjun and Jiubing’s graduation. From left: Sihang, Chuanye, Shenjun, me, Jiubing, Piaoping, Xin and Lulu

2017.06.09 13th national conference of quantum chemistry@Dalian, From left: Piaoping, Jiubing, Lulu, Shenjun, Chuanye and me.

2015.10.24 Last working day at Stanford/SLAC, with Felix

2014.10.17 Group dinner at Purdue

2012.09.14 Passed PhD defense

2008.12.05 Alps viewed from Chemistry Building, TUM Garching

2008.06.27 Group dinner at ZJU

2007.12.10 Chu Kochen Award, with Prof. Wei Yang