Photo Gallery

2019.06.20 GonglabDFT@2019, celebrating Piaoping and Chuanye’s graduation. From left: Shican, Dongfang, Lulu, Xiaoyun, Xin, Piaoping, me, Chuanye, Sihang, Shijia, Ran.

2018.11.22 TUM 150 years celebration@Beijing, with Prof. Hinrichsen and Dr. Markovits from TUM

2018.11.15 Badisch Brauhaus@Karlsruhe, with Felix and Shenjun

2018.09.22 Trip@Taishan with Doktorvater Prof. Rösch

2018.06.20 GonglabDFT@2018, celebrating Shenjun and Jiubing’s graduation. From left: Sihang, Chuanye, Shenjun, me, Jiubing, Piaoping, Xin and Lulu

2017.06.09 13th national conference of quantum chemistry@Dalian, From left: Piaoping, Jiubing, Lulu, Shenjun, Chuanye and me.

2015.10.24 Last working day at Stanford/SLAC, with Felix

2014.10.17 Group dinner at Purdue

2012.09.14 Passed PhD defense

2008.12.05 Alps viewed from Chemistry Building, TUM Garching

2008.06.27 Group dinner at ZJU